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Our Story

In the fall of 2011, at the USC season-opening football game, Sterling Wilson made an observation. The crowd of 100,000 adoring USC Trojan fans was decked out in team hoodies, hats, and coozies, but no sunglasses. Where were the sunglasses?

With this observation, an upcoming rent bill, and a heavy dose of entrepreneurial spirit, Sterling found a factory in China to manufacture 2,000 pairs of sunglasses in his college’s Pantone colors and sold through them in three days at USC football tailgates. Partnering with high school friend Erin Reilly, the duo expanded to dozens of schools that fall and an observation became a business.

After graduating from College in 2012, Sterling and Erin decided to set up shop in Philadelphia, transforming the living room of their South Philly rowhome into an office. As the business grew in 2013, the two moved into their first office space and hired their first employees. Five years after that fateful USC Football game, Pop! Promos moved into its 3rd office space; a converted warehouse with an open floor plan housing 30 team members and a product line of PMS Matched wearable accessories.

Pop! Promos’ rapid growth earned it the title of the #1 fastest growing company in Philadelphia and the #135 spot on the INC 500 list. Pop! Promos’ growth and success has been driven by a desire to do things differently; Pantone matching all products, making everything from scratch, and treating every customer like a VIP with our dedicated team of PopStars!

Look out for more industry-leading innovation from Pop! Promos as we push into new product categories, continue to shorten delivery times on your favorite products and continue to streamline the design and delivery process.

Our Team

Erin Reilly
Erin ReillyFounder/CEO
Sterling Wilson
Sterling WilsonFounder/President
Paul Herrera
Paul HerreraCFO
Rory Young
Rory YoungVP of Sales
Katie Swinburn
Katie SwinburnVP of Sales
Clare Thompson
Clare ThompsonAccount Executive
Sarah Smith
Sarah SmithAccount Executive
Colleen Sullivan
Colleen SullivanSales Support
Kelly Shermer
Kelly ShermerDirector of Marketing
Carley Hussain
Carley HussainSenior Marketing Associate
Meredith Lyon
Meredith LyonArt Production Associate
Keith Walker
Keith WalkerShipping & Receiving
Jenna Formica
Jenna FormicaSales Support
Sean O’Brien
Sean O’BrienSales Support
Gaojie Chen
Gaojie ChenBusiness Intelligence Analyst
PuckyChief Morale Officer

Our Values

Picture a factory, with rows of boxes as far as the eye can see. You open a box to find sunglasses already dyed a generic red. You pick up another box and pour its contents on the floor to find hundreds of the same, pre-dyed, pre-defined sunglasses. Thousands and thousands of boxes of the items you want with options you have to deal with. But wait! There is a door at the end of one of the rows. Run to it! Run!

Welcome to the other side. The Pop! Promos side. No rows of boxes over here. Why? We make everything from scratch; we don’t keep an inventory. No need to accept any old red; let us Pantone match the exact color you need for your product. All of our products are fully customizable with countless options to choose from.

We didn’t become the fastest growing company in Philadelphia by giving our clients generic, run of the mill promotional products. With us, you’ll get something that truly Pops!

Our Awards