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LVL = Luxury Vegan Leather.

Our exclusive line of products is redefining what luxury means in the promotional products industry. Handcrafted from premium vegan leather, each product in the LVL Line is printed in eye-catching full-color, custom designs. Designed with the 21st century business in mind, the LVL Line offers custom luxury accessories for costs and minimums unmatched in the industry.

What Sets LVL Apart?

Low Maintenance

In addition to being stylish, the crosshatch texture of LVL products is easier to wipe clean than traditional pebbled leather, so your full-color designs will stay brighter and last longer.

Luxurious Feel

The LVL Line is crafted with high-quality vegan leather with a fashionable crosshatch texture. Modeled after traditional Saffiano leather, the elevated, dimensional texture of our vegan leather feels just as luxurious as it looks.

Cruelty Free

Made from durable crossline PVC, the entire LVL Line offers an animal-free, ethical alternative to your favorite leather goods, with the added bonus of full-color customization possibilities at an attractive price.

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